What is the Smart Stock system?

Chances are that your company is completely reliant on its stock. It is vital to keep track of every aspect of your stock, whether it is ensuring that requests for purchases have been completed; or that you have received a full purchase order. However, stock management can be complicated with so many aspects to keep track of. This is why ThinkSphere has created the Smart Stock system. This stock management software is a self-install application and available as part of the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Smart Business Suite, or it can be bought individually.

How can the Smart Stock system help?

The Smart Stock system has been designed to cover every aspect of stock management. It has the capability to account for all levels of stock in real time with a functional instrument panel that is easy to follow. In addition, it places heavy emphasis on alarm management to ensure you can control stock by defining minimum thresholds; alerting the user in the event of stock shortage; and informing you as soon as a critical point is reached. This will ensure that your business and your consumers never miss out. Among the aspects of stock management that the Smart Stock system covers include: establishment of purchase requests, purchase orders, delivery receipts and receipts of return; management of alarms (including minimum and maximum stock); forms for goods-in and goods-out; management of transfers from storehouses and physical management of inventories; and calculation of costs.

How can I get the Smart Stock system?

If you like the idea of making stock management easy then why not see if the Smart Stock system can work for your business? You can enjoy a free, 30day trial run of the software so you can grasp exactly how it works and how it can be tailored for you. Assuming you’re happy with the Smart Stock system then click on the purchase now link below to make stock management at your company a simple task every day.  

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