What is the Smart HR system?

Human resources management is a vital part of any business. Any thriving company will tell you that it is only as successful as its staff allows it to be – so managing your manpower effectively, while ensuring that your employees are happy and all of their needs are met, is why HR management is crucial. With this in mind, ThinkSphere has created Smart HR – a human resources management system that is available as part of the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Smart Business Suite; or as an individual, stand-alone, self-install application.

How can the Smart HR system help?

Think about your needs for HR software and chances are that the Smart HR system will tick every box. It offers a complete set of essential tools for HR management and can adapt to the needs of any activity or sector.With the Smart HR software, it is possible to model all processes relating to your staff through every aspect of their employment – ranging from recruitment to the end of their employment. It can save time daily with its functionality and how easy it makes HR management.Some of the features of the Smart HR software include: the ability to input information about employees quickly with an interface that includes photographs and dedicated serial numbers; the chance to create a list of employees by column that is easy to modify depending on which area of the business they are working in; the possibility to manage absences and any type of leave (including maternity and annual leave) quickly; easy management of family benefits and sanctions; straightforward handling and management of retirements; and follow-up of careers with added traceability.

How can I get the Smart HR system?

If you want to test out the Smart HR system from ThinkSphere before you buy, then simply download the free, 30day trial HR software and put it to the test for your business. We’re confident it will be straightforward and easy to use and that you’ll come back to purchase now using the link below.

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