What is the Smart Sales system?

If your business revolves around sales to consumers then sales management will be a key component in ensuring your company runs successfully. Whether it’s ensuring that all of your sales are clearly tracked for tax purposes; or whether it’s following up on sales with customers to ensure complete satisfaction and return custom; it’s vital to know exactly what sales have been carried out and to keep track of them for future reference . This is where the Smart Sales system from ThinkSphere can be advantageous. It is a sales management software system available either as part of the ERP Enterprise Resource Planning Smart Business Suite or as an individual self-install application.

How can the Smart Sales system help?

The Smart Sales System deals with all aspects of sales management and, crucially, it is easy to adapt to the parameters of your business. This isn’t a “one size fits all” sales application – it is sales management software that is made for each individual user. Among the aspects of sales management it can account for are: managing trade flow; keeping track of sales using status and statistics; accounting for discounts as part of the sales; and reports on follow ups with customers. Effectively, the Smart Sales sale management software provides management of clients’ accounts and suppliers’ accounts in one easy-to-follow application. It will help you easily negotiate trade flow (including quotations, sales and invoicing); while also managing treasury flow and dealing with inventory management in real-time.

How can I get the Smart Sales system?

If you’re smart about sales management then you’ll want to ensure that any purchase you make is right for your business. That is why ThinkSphere offers a free, 30day trial of its Smart Sales software giving you the chance to download the application and discover exactly how it can make life easier for your company. ThinkSphere is confident you’ll be thrilled with what Smart Sales has to offer – so once you’ve given it a try, click on the purchase now link below to make it a regular tool in your fight to make life easier and your business more efficient.  

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