What is the Smart Inventory system?

Any business that deals with the receiving or transfer of goods will know all about the importance of inventory. It is one of those essential tasks that can be time consuming and taxing to carry out – but one that is essential in ensuring your business runs smoothly and all goods are clearly accounted for. This is why ThinkSphere has created the Smart Inventory system. This inventory management software is available as part of the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Smart Business Suite, or can be bought individually.

How can the Smart Inventory system help?

The Smart Inventory management system takes the hard work out of inventory management. It controls and records goods while respecting any laws and legislations that apply to your business. One of the highlights of the Smart Inventory software is that it can be tailored for your business – it is easily adaptable to meet your needs. Some of the assignments you may wish it to cover however, can include: recording seizure of goods for inventory; saving documents relating to individual articles, such as maintenance contracts, invoices, insurance and warranties; assigning goods into categories; displaying a register of the inventory; managing transferred objects to another slot or service; and making an operations journal available to the administrator. In addition, the Smart Inventory management system includes a host of functionality such as: storage of documents relating to goods; acquisition sheets; assignment history; management of the lifecycle of the good; and physical inventory. In other words, whatever aspect of inventory you need to control, the Smart Inventory system from ThinkSphere can oblige.

How can I get the Smart Inventory system?

Why not see how the Smart Inventory system can work for your business by downloading the free, 30day trial from ThinkSphere? This will give you the chance to test out the software for yourself – and see how it can potentially help you save time and money by reducing the workload of the inventory process. Then, once you’re completely satisfied, follow the purchase now link to buy Smart Inventory now.  

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