What is the Smart Degrees learning management system?

Keeping information about graduates who have moved on from your university or education institute can be difficult – with so much paperwork and so many files to keep organised. However, now you can get a grip on that mountain of information with the Smart Degrees learning management system (LMS). The Smart Degrees LMS makes the organisation of everything from graduate statistics to graduate diplomas straightforward – indeed it will allow for complete management of the diploma service.

So how can the Smart Degrees learning management system help?

There are a number of features to the Smart Degrees learning management system that could make it well suited to your education institute, including:
  • It allows you to retain information about all graduate students in an easy-to-follow format – including their year of graduation, course, tutors and any additional relevant information.
  • It can indicate the location of their diploma and when it was achieved.
  • With the Smart Degrees learning management system you can quickly locate information about students based on a number of criteria, including: name, number, specialty and academic year
  • In addition, the Smart Degrees LMS offers graduate statistics and a number of editions including: withdrawal forms; provisional diplomas; and certificates of success.

How can I get this learning management system?

If you think your education institute can benefit from keeping all graduate statistics and graduate information in one place then consider if the Smart Degrees LMS is right for you. Think Sphere is even offering you the opportunity to download a free 30day trial – so you can see for yourself how easy it is to use. It’s a stand alone and simple to install application. Once you’ve given the Smart Degrees learning management system a trial run and you’re ready to buy, just click to purchase now – it could soon be saving you time and money  

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