There are many products and services available at ThinkSphere - but one of the most unique is its software development. Yes, in addition to its range of products including the Smart Learning Management System and the Smart Business Suite, ThinkSphere also offers software development that is unique for you or your company.

Our Service

ThinkSphere works closely with consumers to outline their needs from a software package. Whether you’re looking for education software or business software, it will work with you to design a package that fulfils your requirements and ensure you receive true value for money.With ThinkSphere you can be sure that you will receive a product tailored for you as an individual – and that the company will work closely with you to match your vision.


The software developers at ThinkSphere have a unique knowledge base that places them among the best in the business. Although they will work with you to match your requirements whatever your need, they do have some areas in which they are particularly effective.For example, ThinkSphere specialises in education software and business software. However, it has also worked in fields such as industry, management and logistics.When devising software to meet your needs, the experts at ThinkSphere will also work with the latest technologies including: computer programming language; and basic management data systems. You can be sure that whatever software it develops for you, you will be receiving a product that you can work with in the long term, that will be easy to manage and that will be at the cutting edge of technology. Of course if you need any back up, it is on hand with the customer support network that is exclusive to ThinkSphere customers.

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