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Are you considering eLearning as a way to further the services offered by your education institute? Whether it’s networked learning or networked teaching, ThinkSphere can help you with all aspects of eLearning as part of its website development for education institutes which includes all aspects of web design and planning. It will be a tailor-made solution designed to meet your individual needs.


If you’re not familiar with the term ‘eLearning’, it’s actually quite straightforward – it refers to all forms of electronically supported teaching and learning. The information systems they provide serve to enhance the learning experience.In recent times, eLearning has been integrated into the classroom across a wide range of applications. These can include:- Computer based learning: Using computers as a key component within the educational environment for teaching purposes. This can include applications on laptops and handheld devices that will help support a student’s education.- Computer based training:This aspect of eLearning comprises of self-paced learning activities that are often used to teach static processes – they are considered a good alternative to print learning materials because of the interaction that can be enjoyed – including multimedia, such as video and pictures.- Computer supported collaborative learning: Can improve teaching and learning with the use of modern information and communication technology. This could include blogs, Google documents and more.Now ThinkSphere is able to work with your education institute to develop an eLearning programme that can support teachers, students or parents. It will be easy to use and will allow you to grow into its capabilities with a clear emphasis on pedagogy and not just technology.

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