Business Intelligence

Ever wanted to make your business run more smoothly? Do you find tasks such as working out sales revenue by costs and departments; or processing data to be mundane? This is where the business intelligence from ThinkSphere can help – because it can provide historic, current and predictive views of business operations taking the hard work out of business analysis.

Our Service

ThinkSphere sets itself aside from the competition because its approach to business intelligence (BI) is not to simply offer the same package of assistance to every client. On the contrary, it knows that every business is different – even those working in the same sector may have contrasting requirements. As such, it offers business intelligence tailor-made for each individual company.For example, it will establish the level of commitment and sponsorship of the business intelligence project from senior management; it will work out the level of business needs for creating a business intelligence application; and the amount and quality of business data available. From there, ThinkSphere will help you successfully integrate your business intelligence solution into your firm.

Our Expertise

ThinkSphere understands that business intelligence is different for every company. However, it does have some key areas of expertise.Among them is its ability to drive business value through measurement: this usually involves creating a hierarchy of performance benchmarks and metrics. It will also place a keen focus on analytics to help businesses arrive at optimal decisions; and on reporting to serve the strategic management of the business.In addition, ThinkSphere will tackle areas such as: collaboration, to help you work together on data management; and knowledge management.If you’d like to know more then why not request a free business intelligence quote from ThinkSphere using the link below? You could soon give your company the insight it needs to fulfil its potential.

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